Rozerwane Serce/Torn Heart




“once upon a time there was a girl living in the forrest. she lived her uncomplicated life, picking up berries, mushrooms, raising her love child. she had a friend huntsman who was helping her. but there was something wrong going on with her. everyday she felt worse and worse. so she went to a forrest witch and this witch told her her heart is drying, because she was missing the most important thing in her life. and if she doesnt love someone in a short time, she will die. the girl thought she is lost. than one day a young knight came by her house and she let him in. they immediately felt in love – he adored her and she adored him. he said it was a destiny and althought she couldnt believe this in the beginning promised her they would be forever toghether. asked her to be his wife. everything happened so quickly. the only thing he asked her was that he must come back to his castle and fix things that were tormenting him – he needed to fight the witch, who possesed his land. the girl said, she would miss him very much, but she was so happy that she was willing to wait. time passed – the knight was sending her letters less and less often. from time to time he was coming to see her. he said the witch told him she wouldnt take his land away from him if he doesnt leave the land. mad witch also grew magical wall around the land so the girl would not be able to cross it, if she tried. the girl on the other hand, filled with love started to feel pain again. she went to the forrest witch and old womant told her that her heart was now growing, but way too fast – it was getting bigger and bigger and if it doesnt stop – it will blow. the only time the heart was still was when the knight was visiting her. unfortunately one day the knight stopped coming. the girl undrstood that everything he was telling her was not going to happen that he was not willing to be with her. he was so affraid to lose his land, that he decided to leave the girl the way she was, thinking this is better this way. he did not even consider that he could fight for the land with the girl. and because he was so concentrated on himself, he didnt notice how fast the girl was dying now. dying because of him, even faster than without him. and then one day her heart blew into pieces. suprisigly the girl didnt die – witch told her that her child only by miracle was keeping her alive, but she was an empty shell now. she also said the girl can sew her heart back, if she has enough strengh. but the girl couldn’t sew.”