Hans Kloss / The Spy



Hans Kloss is a fictional character of Polish spy story happening during World War II. His “real” name was Stanisław Kolicki and he was sent to replace imprisoned abhwera oficer oberleutnant Hans Kloss (because he was so alike) and spy against Nazis. Through the whole story we cannot see the real Hans Kloss, only Hans Kloss – spy, reffered to sometimes by his colaborators as “Janek” (his war pseudonym) and sent top secret information as “J23”. Lovely… charming… brave… handsome…. honorable…

We all love Hans… and dream of being at least for a moment in a place of Edyta Lausch, real Hans’ puppy love, who appears at some point in a story, and for whom Hans-spy falls for a moment… until she is killed by Gestapo Officer.

Although the TV series was created in 60’s and made all black’n’white, and main character was played by an old now Mr Stanislaw Mikulski, I am still madly in love with Hans Kloss